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A Roasting in Wellington

Wellington, New Zealand

I spent about 3 years backpacking New Zealand and Australia. This particular event happened my first night in Wellington. Bear in mind there isn’t much of a moral to this story, just one memorable night that stuck with me.

I had just taken the ferry from Picton to Wellington and arrived early evening. I wasn’t too fussed about which hostel I was going to stay in, was quite tired and wanted to recharge for I foresaw a long binging weekend coming up. I booked into my hostel, 6 bed dorm for the night, which when I got into was empty except for me. I threw my bags down and went for a feed and a beer. When I returned the room was now full, I still hadn’t seen who was checked in but figured they must all be together.

I called it an early night and hit the rack. I was awoke at about 3 to sounds of god awful moaning, slapping and laughter. I turned over to investigate and too somewhat a shock I saw two guys spit roasting this girl while three other guys all had their cameras and phones out recording it while having their dicks out, vigorously pumping away in preparation for their turn with the broad. I thought, ‘oh my roommates are home’.

I’ve stayed in dozens and dozens of hostels and saw some shit but have never witnessed a gang bang in a dorm room. Once the next two started having a go the 5th and final man asked me if I could join him in spit roasting her, its all about odd numbers I guess. I declined the invite and his request to film him. Sleep was non existent at this point so had to stay up and listen to this girl getting railed all night.

Once all the gentlemen had had enough they threw her out of the room as quickly as they came on her face. Sleep was finally gonna happen. In the morning they all apologized to me which I found to be quite unnecessary. Turns out they had all come up from Christchurch for a cricket match and the girl they had met when she ripped their tickets in half at the gate of the stadium. As a way of saying sorry they gave me all of their leftover booze which was very substantial and a couple joints they had left.

Their last hoorah in the room was to set off the fire alarm in the hostel with a lighter and a can of axe body spray. In the melee of everyone heading out they made a hasty getaway, never to be seen again. I spent that day drinking the beer and smoking the weed they had left with me, still somewhat in shock but just brushing it off, you never know what you might bear witness too while traveling.

Retelling the story the next day to many people, most of whom heard the ruckus through the walls. The rest of my time in wellington was magical, great partying, met my girlfriend just the next day. Sometimes I think those 5 gentlemen set the tone for the North Island and I thank them to this day.

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