Canadian With Flag On Backpack Is Actually American In Disguise

After having a negative experience on her last trip abroad, Sandra Sorkin from Montana decided it’s time to make a change for her upcoming trip to the Middle-East.

“Last time I traveled abroad as an American and it wasn’t a fun experience at all. People were rude to me, not hospitable, some even went as far as spitting in front of me or giving me the finger. This time, I’ll be traveling as a Canadian,” she said, pointing to the Canadian flag patch strategically placed on her backpack.

“I’ve implemented the classic American trick of sewing a Canadian flag patch to my backpack, that way I won’t be ashamed of where I come from.”

She even went as far as to slightly change her accent. Words such as ‘about’ is now ‘aboot’, she says ‘pop’ instead of ‘soda’ and she finishes off each sentence with an exaggerated ‘eh’.

We caught up to her after her trip ended in order to see how it went. “It was much better,” she said with a smile, “people were much friendlier, kinder and more talkative than before.”

“I actually met other ‘Canadians’ during my trip as well who had oddly similarly exaggerated and fake accents like myself. At one point I asked them where in Canada they’re from, ‘Toronto’ most of them said. ‘Where in Toronto, which street?’ I curiously asked, to which they had no answer and just changed the subject.”

“I’m not sure what America as a country has ever done wrong, but from now on I’ll travel as a Canadian.”

Other “Canadians” she met on her journey.

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