Generous Expat Takes Money Out Of ATM For These Starving Thai Girls

Bill McCarthy, a local expat from the United States has been living in Bangkok for over a decade now after his wife divorced him in 2011. Being retired and having no kids or any responsibility, he decided to move to Thailand to become an “expat” because he loves the “food, weather and culture,” according to him.

Even though he pretends to be a local and dislikes the term “Farang,” his Thai is still mediocre at best. So, one day he was minding his own business and taking some baht from the ATM on Sukhumvit avenue when two Thai girls approached him.

“Me love you long time,” said the one girl with a thick Thai accent. “You? Love me? Long time?” replied Bill, not at all surprised as he’s heard it before many times.

“You owe me, now! You pay me for last night,” said the other, in a quick, harsh tone.

“I owed them because they bought me a few dishes of Thai food last night,” he nervously told us. We didn’t believe him. He reached out of the machine and gave them 5,000 baht each which works out to $300 US dollars.

We asked him what kind of food they bought him, as it seemed awfully expensive for a few dishes of Thai food. He had no reply, got onto his scooter and drove away with the two girls – we never saw him again.

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