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Man Divorces Wife After Discovering She Claps When The Plane Lands

Dave and Jane were happily married for 2 weeks after having been in an intimate relationship for over three years. This was until their honeymoon to Hawaii.

Having never traveled outside of their home state of Wisconsin together, they figured it was time to explore more the world together. Dave didn’t know it yet, but we was in for quite a horrifying surprise.

Everything went smoothly, from getting through airport security to finding their gate, to take off. While most of the flight was rather calm and uneventful, near the end of the journey as they approached Oahu there was a storm approaching and quite a lot of turbulence.

Dave could see his wife was a little concerned, but he managed to comfort her with the sample sized bottles of liquor he got from the duty free.

The turbulence cleared quickly as the plane was approaching the runway, the pilot managed to pull off a regular, run of the mill, smooth landing. As the landing gear made contact with the pavement, Jane burst into a clapping fit, and the look on Dave’s horrified face suggested he knew instantly he made a mistake marrying her two weeks ago.

As soon as he got into the airport he cancelled their honeymoon reservations and booked a flight back home alone. He never saw Jane again.

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