Man Goes On 23 Day Contiki Trip And Remembers None Of It

When Jason booked on for the experience of a lifetime with contiki his parents thought he was going to get a true cultural experience but the reality was far from what they had expected.

When his parents paid for the European Trail trip for Jason’s 18th birthday, he was set to explore 13 countries over 23 days.

However unfortunately on his return to Canada when his parents asked him how the trip was Jason couldn’t recall any of it because all he did was drink the whole time.

When his parents asked to at least see pictures from the trip Jason was very reluctant to show them as he couldn’t even remember what pictures he’d taken while on the trip.

“At least show us a picture of the Eiffel tower Jase”, his dad said. Jason refused but after a lot of persistence and nagging from his mum he finally handed over his phone and showed his mum the only picture of the Eiffel tower he had.

Disgusted with the photo his mum handed the phone over to his dad who proceeded to flick through the photos of Jason’s trip.

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Jason helping himself to the bar in Germany
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Jason making a water fountain look like his Phallus
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Jason making the Leaning Tower of Pisa look like his phallus

We asked to hear Jason’s side of the story but his parents told us they have confiscated his phone and laptop for the next week.

“We submitted this story with Cooked Nomad to let other parents out there know that maybe a gap year isn’t the best idea for your children. We didn’t know our son could embarrass us so much so maybe think twice before allowing your children to go overseas. Keep them home where they’re safe”, they said.

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