Man Shocked To Discover That Mexico Is Indeed Sepia-Toned After Vacationing There

Darrel Johnson from New York had always wanted to visit Mexico but was never able to as work and family life got in the way. Having recently separated from his wife and disowning his children, he’s finally able to do his own thing and travel.

He’s heard many stereotypes about the country such as burritos & margaritas are a staple diet, drugs are everywhere and all Mexican women are maids or nanny’s. He was surprised to learn that none of these are really true. However he was even more surprised when he landed in Queretaro to discover that the entire sky and landscape has a strange sepia hue.

He’s seen this in the movies and hear rumors but never actually believed it to be true, like the other stereotypes. However, to his surprise he was completely and utterly wrong. Mexico is indeed covered by an omnipresent golden-sepia hue that straddles the American, Guatemelan and Belize borders perfectly. Scientists have yet to explain this extraordinary phenomenon.

Below is a simple demonstration of what Darrel said he expected to see, vs what he actually saw:

Expectation Reality

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