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Man Sips Beer During Entire 5 Hour Flight to Avoid Wearing Mask

During a 5 hour flight from Vancouver to Mexico, Craig Smith decided he hates facemasks so much that he would sip a beer he brought on board for the entire duration of the flight.

Some may call it genius, some may call it selfishness and some may call it mental illness. Whatever you think, you have to give him some credit due to his dedication and perseverance.

When the flight attendants finally caught on to what he was doing, they were at a loss of how to handle the situation. “Technically he’s not breaking any rules as you’re allow to remove the mask to eat and drink. We knew exactly what he was up to, we even asked him if he wanted to throw the can out when we came around to collect garbage. He just complained that the beer was awfully warm and wanted a new one.”

When they brought him a new fresh, cold beer, he kept the empty can to his lip and quickly transferred over the new brewskie without having to put his mask on. The flight attendants said they were impressed by his dedication.

After the grueling journey ended Craig concluded that, “it was probably more comfortable just to wear the mask for the flight rather than looking like an idiot and having an incredibly sore arm in the end.”

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