Man Wakes Up Early To Catch Some Rays, But Germany Gets There First

Chris Cook decided to take his first vacation in over two years to the beautiful island of Bali in Indonesia. He splurged on a nice hostel with a pool (all he could afford) and was excited to get tanned after losing all of his pigment working indoors for the past several years.

Checking into his hostel he discovered that he definitely wasn’t alone, the place was packed full, but the weirdest thing is that nobody spoke English – they were all speaking German!

After a day wasted due to jet lag and a terrible sleep because of the noisy Germans in the dorm next to him, he decided he would wake up early and head to the pool to get some sun, while the rest of the guests were still asleep and hungover.

Groggily waking up at 7:00 in time to be first in line for breakfast, he gobbled his food down, got changed into his swimming suit and headed to the pool for what seemed to be the perfect, beautiful sunny day.

As he approached the pool his pale face turned even paler with a look of horror as he realized he wasn’t the first one to wake up – Germany was already there. Claiming their sunchairs with the ugliest looking towels only Germans would find fashionable, there was not one sunchair left. The Germans had even overtaken the pool with no room left to swim without feeling uncomfortable and a little repugnant.

He then remembered that there was indeed a beach nearby, grabbed his things and headed towards paradise. To his utter dismay the beach was overcrowded with Aussies and Brits who had also taken all of the sunchairs. He returned to his dark dorm and went back into dark, dreary sleep.

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