Man Who Speaks Only One Language Travels The World To Complain About Other Peoples Accents

Growing up in the USA has it’s advantages and disadvantages, one of them being able to speak only one language: English. While Europeans may be privileged by growing up speaking their native tongue and also English, those from English speaking countries aren’t as fortunate.

Darrel Johnson never really liked foreigners, especially the ones that can barely speak English or are hard to understand. “If you want to live in my country then at least learn the language” he would say every time he heard someone speaking an alien language in his homeland.

But when it came time for him to take a trip abroad in Europe, the tables turned. Landing in Italy he was surprised to learn that most of the locals don’t speak English. “So far I’m having a difficult time, if they expect to have my business they should be able to have at least a basic command of the English language.”

When he attempted to pick up pretty girls on the street, he was shocked that they also couldn’t speak English. When he did finally meet a girl that speaks English, he just resorted to making fun of her accent.

“Even the ones that speak English just sound funny and it’s unattractive and a bit of a turn off. Why can’t they just learn English? It’s not that hard!”

His trip was cut short early due to him not being able to even order simple things like food at a restaurant. “I tried to order just a deep dish Chicago style pizza and they didn’t know what I was talking about, he proceeded to yell at me in Spanish or something with a strong Italian hand gesture.”

“I was planning on going to Spain and even Greece after this, but if they can’t speak English, forget about it.”

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