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Man Who’s Never Done Cocaine, Worried There’s Cocaine In Bag Going Through Airport Security

Jason Deane just finished his backpacking trip around South America. Arriving at the airport in Bogota he couldn’t help but think of stories he’s heard of travelers and backpackers getting detained by airport security for having drugs in their carry-on or luggage.

Even though he’s never touched drugs in his life, let alone cocaine, he still became very paranoid for some reason, and was drenched in sweat.

While he was standing in line ready to pass his bags through the bag checker, he could see sniffing dogs in the distance coming towards him, carefully sniffing every bag and person on the way.

Ahead of him he saw others getting their bags checked by airport security, mostly just water bottles and sharp objects; he didn’t care – he was still terrified.

Finally getting through the airport scanner, getting a shakedown and having the dogs sniff him, the airport staff pulled him aside. “Sir, we have to check your bags, can you please open this suitcase for us.”

Shaking, Jason opened his suitcase and the staff gasped at what they saw, a suitcase completely stuffed full of arepas. “Sir, you’re not allowed to smuggle arepas outside of Colombia.”

Knowing he’s not able to find his favorite food back home in the US, he figured he’d stuff as many arepas as possible in his suitcase. After paying a fine of $5000 and 3 nights in Colombia prison, Jason is finally free to head back home, sin arepas.

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