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Parents Arrive At Airport 8 Hours Early And Still Miss Flight

Tracy and Dave are always on time for their flight. In fact today they were 8 Hours Early for their flight from Brisbane to Sydney to ensure they didn’t miss the flight.

“Unfortunately today they weren’t able to make their flight even though they got me out of bed at 3am”, their son Toby chuckled when we spoke to him on the phone earlier.

When asked to recount the events of the morning Toby was struggling to hold himself back from laughing for the entire 10 minute conversation.

“So look, I know I’m kind of laughing now but I was actually pretty annoyed this morning when Dad came in to the room and pulled off my sheets and turned the light on at 3am”, Toby recounts.

“Honestly it felt like I was back at school and I had to remind him that I’m 32 now. I looked at my phone and checked if I’d missed my alarm but it said I still had 6 hours before it was set to go off. I asked him what time their flight was and he said it was at 11.30am.” Toby said.

“When I told dad it takes 30 minutes to get to the airport he retorted ‘mate you never know what traffic is like this time of the day’. I opened up google maps and showed him that the estimated time to get to the airport was 28 minutes but he was having none of it. I know it’s pointless arguing with the old man so I just got in the car and took them to the domestic terminal”, he recalls.

“Mum started crying saying she’s going to miss me so I reminded her that she’s only gone for 2 days and that I’ll watch over the house while they’re gone. I went home and went straight back to sleep,” he yawned, still clearly restless from the nights events.

“So anyway as I’m going about my morning mum rings in hysterics and all I could hear is dad screaming and abusing the airline for changing the gate number”, Toby laughed.

“I asked mum if they wanted me to pick them up but she said they had booked a new flight for tomorrow morning and thought it would be best if they slept in the airport to make sure they don’t miss the next one”.

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