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Pool Trouble

Florida ????????

During a round the world trip, my ex and I took a stop in the USA. We toured around for a bit and ended up in Miami. We had this little game where every new place we went to we’d have sex outside. We hadn’t managed this in the states yet and as Miami was our last leg we thought we better get to it pronto. Part of the game was that it couldn’t just be outside, but also in a place where there is a good possibility of getting caught. The hotel we were staying in had a pool outside…can you see where this is going?

So the morning of the day we were due to leave we went down to the pool after breakfast. Loads of families were either having a swim or lazing on the deck chairs. Perfect. We got in the pool, started cuddling up against the side and as soon as I was standing to attention I slipped it in. It was super hot knowing we could get caught at any minute and I slowly plowed away trying not to draw any attention to us. The moment came, literally, and we composed ourselves by putting various body parts back in their place.

We start to make our way to the ladder to get out and notice 2 plastic tubes sticking out of the water 5 feet away from us!?! Slowly they started to raise out of the water…more tube emerged, then hair, then two masks, and finally the two giant smiles plastered across two little boys faces!!! Completely shocked we got out of the pool ASAP as the boys snorkeled off to who I assume were their families. Hope they enjoyed the show…TAXI!!!

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