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This Couple Turned This Abandoned School Bus Into A Literal Mansion On Wheels

After being inspired by all of the ‘old bus or campervan turned into an amazing house on wheels’ taking over social media in the past couple of years, Sandra and Dave decided they would have a crack at it.

“We found this old, dilapidated bus in the middle of the Thai jungle and figured, if they can do it, why can’t we?” Dave told us over the weekend. “While we have zero hands-on skills, we managed to pull through and build and impressive mansion on wheels, powered by our love.”

If it wasn’t for their love for one another, it wouldn’t have been possible, according to Sandra. The impressive “Mansion on wheels” features a massive library, guest suite, indoor pool, terrace, ‘man cave’, a two-story kitchen and much, much more.

The impressive library, for guests and residents use.

The couple has since been travelling Southeast Asia in this ‘portable mansion’ while also apparently decreasing their carbon footprint. “Our mansion runs on coconut oil only, so our environmental impact is very low compared to using fossil fuels” Dave proclaimed. He also informed us that they have to chop down hundreds of coconut trees everyday just to get enough coconuts to be used as fuel.

The kitchen, with Dave and Sandra expressing their love on the stove.
The indoor pool, great for cooling off on hot, sunny days.
The guest bedroom suite, with Sandra and Dave posing, eating pizza.

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