Tourist Overstays Mexican Visa By 7 Years – Gets Awarded Citizenship

When this story came across our desk we didn’t know whether to believe its authenticity or not as it seemed too unrealistic to be true but after calling Mike and verifying his story with the Mexican government we needed to share it with our readers.

According to Mike when he first arrived in Mexico City in 2015 he was issued a tourist visa for 90 days. After meeting his girlfriend and moving to Puerto Escondido, Mike decided that he was just going to stay in Mexico for the rest of his life.

Due to an unforeseen death of his father however, Mike had to rush back home to the United States in order to be close to his grieving family.

When travelling through customs Mike was pulled aside and brought into an interrogation room where he was questioned by officers.

When we asked Mike to recount what was going through his head at the time he stated that “My heart stopped, I completely forgot that I had overstayed for 7 years and I was sure I was never going to be allowed back in the country”.

As it turns out however the customs officials had alternative plans for Mike. Impressed by the fact he dodged officials for so long instead of being imprisoned, Mike was awarded Mexican citizenship.

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