Unvaxxed Canadian Plans Eurotrip In Ontario As She’s Unable to Enter Europe

“I’ve always wanted to travel to Europe and do a proper Eurotrip but haven’t been able to because of work,” said Jane Armstrong, a self-proclaimed travel addict from Ottawa. “I could never get more than a week off of work, but now I’ve lost my job because of Covid so I have more free time than I know what to do with.”

Canada remains the only country in the world not allowing unvaccinated citizens to leave, so as Jane is unvaccinated she’s stuck and her dream of going to Europe remains a distant fantasy for now. Luckily, in her home province of Ontario there are many towns named after European cities, so she can plan her own ‘Euro Trip’.

Her journey starts out in Brussels, a small town in Ontario that no one has ever heard of. She continues on to Dublin, London and makes an overnight stop in Copenhagen.

Second coolest Copenhagen in the world.

After making stops in Seville and Vienna only to discover that they were also small, boring towns, she began to question her decision for not getting vaccinated.

“This is so depressing,” she said on the last stretch of her journey to Paris and Lisbon, “If I had known small town Ontario was this boring I would’ve got the vaccine and went to Europe.”

Janes depressing road trip around rural Ontario towns.

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