Wife Threatens Divorce if Husband Doesn’t Stop Stealing Hotel Towels

In a tale that highlights the perils of excessive souvenir collecting, a woman has threatened to divorce her husband if he doesn’t stop stealing hotel towels during their vacations. The wife, Sarah, has reached her breaking point after years of dealing with her husband, Dave, and his ever-growing collection of stolen hotel towels.

Dave’s penchant for pilfering plush hotel towels began on the couple’s honeymoon when he swiped a towel with the hotel’s logo embroidered on it as a memento. As the years passed and the couple traveled more, Dave’s habit spiraled out of control. He began to steal towels from every hotel they visited, whether they were from luxury resorts or budget motels. Sarah eventually confronted her husband about his bizarre obsession, but Dave remained unapologetic.

“He just can’t resist taking them,” Sarah lamented. “Our linen closet is overflowing with hotel towels – we can’t even close the door anymore. And every time we use them, I’m reminded of the crime spree that is our marriage.”

Dave’s habit has also landed the couple in hot water on several occasions. On a recent trip to Paris, hotel staff caught Dave attempting to smuggle a stack of towels out in his suitcase. The couple was forced to pay a hefty fine and endured a humiliating scolding from the hotel manager.

“I’ve had enough,” Sarah declared. “If he doesn’t stop stealing hotel towels, I’m filing for divorce. It’s not even about the towels anymore; it’s about the principle.”

In an attempt to save their marriage, Dave has agreed to attend therapy for kleptomania, and Sarah has encouraged him to find other ways to remember their travels together. The couple is now working on compiling a scrapbook of ticket stubs, postcards, and other mementos from their trips – a project that doesn’t involve breaking the law.

As for the future of their travels, Sarah has laid down the law: “If I so much as see him eyeing a hotel towel, we’re leaving immediately – and I’m taking our collection of souvenir shot glasses with me.”

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