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Dubai Unveils Plans for Gold-Plated, Diamond-Encrusted Towering Skyscraper

In a bold move to outshine its own extravagant reputation, Dubai has unveiled plans for a new, ultra-luxurious skyscraper. This gold-plated, diamond-encrusted behemoth promises to be the epitome of opulence, but critics can’t help but notice that the structure bears a striking resemblance to a rather large adult toy.

The planned skyscraper, dubbed the “Tower of Pleasure” by local media, is set to be the most expensive building ever constructed. Every square inch of the exterior will be adorned with diamonds and gold leaf, ensuring the building literally glistens in the desert sun. As if that wasn’t enough, the structure is designed to vibrate gently in the wind, offering its inhabitants a “unique living experience.”

However, many people have been quick to point out that the building’s distinctive shape seems to take inspiration from the world of adult entertainment. The tower’s ribbed surface and gently curved form have drawn comparisons to a certain type of personal pleasure device. This has led to a flurry of social media jokes and memes poking fun at the skyscraper’s design.

Smaller souvenir replicas of the stunning skyscraper are also available in the gift shop that you can take home with you to enjoy. Sorry to disappoint you though – they aren’t made of gold.

One Twitter user wrote, “When you want to show the world you’re both rich and have a great sense of humor.” Another posted, “I always knew Dubai was compensating for something, but this is a whole new level.”

The architects behind the project have been quick to dismiss the comparisons, insisting that the design is inspired by the natural forms found in the surrounding desert landscape. However, with the tower set to become a global symbol of Dubai’s excess, it remains to be seen whether the world will ever be able to view it as anything other than a colossal innuendo.

Regardless of the controversy surrounding its design, construction on the Tower of Pleasure is set to begin later this year. Dubai’s elite are already clamoring to secure a spot in the building, hoping to add yet another ostentatious trophy to their collection. As for the rest of us, we’ll just have to settle for enjoying the view from afar – and giggling quietly to ourselves.

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