Woman Becomes the Youngest Female to Visit Every Country in the World

In a groundbreaking achievement that has left many scratching their heads, Dave Thompson, a 28-year-old from Wisconsin, has claimed the title of “the youngest female to visit every country in the world.” Yes, you read that right. Dave, who prefers the pronoun “they,” has somehow managed to clinch a title that, by all accounts, should not belong to them.

Dave embarked on their journey three years ago, with the goal of visiting every country on Earth. But it wasn’t until they reached their final destination, the tiny island nation of Tuvalu, that they realized they had inadvertently become the youngest female to achieve this feat. “I was just checking off countries on my list,” Dave said, “and then someone pointed out that I was, in fact, a woman. It was news to me.”

The international travel community is in an uproar. “I’ve seen a lot of things in my time,” said seasoned traveler and blogger, Felicity Wanderlust, “but someone becoming the youngest female to visit every country when they don’t identify as female? That’s a new one.”

Dave’s achievement has sparked a heated debate on the definition of gender and achievement. Some argue that Dave’s title is a mockery of genuine female achievements, while others believe it’s a humorous take on the often arbitrary nature of records and titles.

When asked how they feel about the controversy, Dave responded, “I just wanted to see the world. I didn’t set out to become the youngest female anything. But hey, if it gets more people talking about travel, I’m all for it.”

Dave’s passport, filled with stamps from 195 countries, is now on display at the International Museum of Intentional Achievements. Visitors can view the passport and also participate in an interactive exhibit where they can try on various gender identities and attempt to break equally arbitrary world records.

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