Breaking: Backpacker With Guitar In Hostel Doesn’t Play Wonderwall

It was just another typical Thursday night in a backpacker hostel – the British and Aussies were being loud and rowdy, the group Israelis were by themselves ignoring everyone, and the dude from California was playing his worn-out acoustic in the hostel common room.

Three songs deep, the other travelers trying to chill out and have a good time had no choice but to listen to this ‘traveling musician’. They were waiting for that dreaded moment every backpacker in a hostel fears most – when the ‘guitarist’ plays Wonderwall.

“For me the worst thing about staying in a hostel isn’t the smelly dorms, the jizz-clogged shower drains or the French dude stealing all the pancakes at the free hostel breakfast – but rather the hippy dude playing Wonderwall. I think it’s what all backpackers fear most,” Jason – a British backpacker told us when we visited the hostel.

After 36 songs the backpacker stopped playing his guitar when he realized no one was paying attention. But after finishing his set without playing Wonderwall, Jason and other backpackers took notice and congratulated the man – and actually requested him to keep playing.

“It was such a relief knowing he wasn’t planning on playing Wonderwall that we actually became good friends.”

No word to this day if the backpacker has ever played Wonderwall in a hostel.

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