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Airlines Remove Mask Mandates, Reintroduce Smoking On All Flights

After two years of strict mask mandates, the TSA and all airlines in the USA have removed all requirements for masks while in the airport or on the airplane. However, they are recommending you still may want to wear one as they are reintroducing smoking on all flights starting Friday.

“It’s been over 30 years since smoking was allowed on commercial flights, and as a pro freedom airline – we at Oceanic Airways think it’s high time you are at your own liberty with what to do on a flight you paid for. With the dropping of mask mandates, reintroducing smoking only makes sense,” a spokesperson for the airline told us on Wednesday.

Smoke detectors have been removed from the bathrooms, ashtrays have been installed on the seat in front of you and oxygen masks are now easily accessible if you don’t want to inhale second hand smoke.

If you’re concerned about your infant or child’s health, you also now have the option of placing them in cargo hold, for a small fee.

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