93 Year Old Becomes First Person to Visit All 195 Countries by Simply Walking to Them

In an astonishing feat that has stunned globe-trotters and grannies alike, 93-year-old Agnes Smith has officially become the first person to visit all 195 countries by simply walking to them.

Starting her journey just after her 90th birthday, Agnes said she was inspired by a late-night infomercial for walking shoes. “They said these shoes would take me places,” she explained, wearing her now well-worn, trusty pair of sneakers. “So, I figured, why not everywhere?”

Armed with a pocket atlas, a hand-drawn map, and her favorite walking cane, Agnes embarked on a journey that would take her from the hot deserts of Africa to the icy terrains of Antarctica, all without breaking a sweat. “I’ve been walking to the store for groceries for over 70 years,” she told reporters. “This was just a slightly longer errand run.”

Her journey began in her home country of the United States, where she walked from coast to coast, stopping in every state. From there, she made her way south to Central and South America before trekking across the oceans.

When asked how she managed to walk across the vast bodies of water, Agnes shrugged, “Oh, dear, I just waited for low tide.”

Agjnes in Paris

The global walking tour took Agnes through Europe’s cobblestone streets, Asia’s bustling cities, and Australia’s rugged outback. She reportedly befriended penguins in Antarctica, danced with Maasai warriors in Kenya, and shared a cup of tea with the Queen.

“She didn’t seem to mind my muddy shoes,” Agnes said of her royal encounter.

Agnes in Antarctica

Travel experts are baffled by the logistics of the nonagenarian’s journey, but Agnes dismisses their concerns with a wave of her hand. “You young folks worry too much about planning,” she chuckled. “Just put one foot in front of the other and see where life takes you.”

Airlines and cruise lines are reportedly studying Agnes’s walking route, concerned about the potential impact on their business models. Meanwhile, the sneaker company responsible for her footwear has approached her for an endorsement deal.

“I’m considering it,” Agnes stated, “but only if they throw in a new pair of socks.”

Her family, initially worried about her ambitious adventure, now celebrate her remarkable achievement. Her grandson, Tom, shared his pride: “We used to say Grandma could talk your ear off. Now we say she can walk your legs off!”

When asked about her next adventure, Agnes smiled and looked out the window at her garden. “I think I’ll walk to the mailbox and back for a while,” she said. “But never say never.”

The world may be waiting to see where Agnes’s feet will take her next, but for now, she’s content to have walked her way into the history books, one determined step at a time. Her story serves as a testament to the power of determination, the simplicity of walking, and the value of a good pair of shoes.

So next time you think about booking a flight, remember Agnes’s words of wisdom: “Why fly when you can walk?” The world, it seems, is just a stroll away.

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