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Breaking: Backpacker Who Ate All Of The Pancakes At Free Hostel Breakfast Was French

It has come to our attention that the mystery of the stolen pancakes at a hostel in Prague was a solved within a short period of time. The best part of waking up for any backpacker is the free hostel breakfast, if you’re able to wake up in time. So when we heard of this awful story of a selfish man having them all to himself we had to investigate.

We caught up with some backpackers who were staying at the hostel and asked them how they knew who it was. “We knew who it was right away: the only French backpacker staying at the hostel, he was always asking for food, cash and borrowing cigarettes.”

Another traumatized backpacker who witnessed the horrifying event had this to tell us: “It’s like he didn’t even acknowledge there were others staying here and looking to have breakfast as well, as if we didn’t exist, he simply put them all on his plate. Whatever he couldn’t fit he ended up throwing in his old, dirty backpack. I saw him eventually sneak out of the hostel with all of his stuff.”

The man is still on the loose and hasn’t been seen since. Everyone is so upset that the hostel is even offering a reward for finding the thief: one night’s accommodation at the hostel, but if you also locate the pancakes, they’ll include 2 free drinks at the bar. They’ve provided us with a photo of the man in question:

The French thief

If you’ve seen this man and the stolen pancakes, please let us know and we’ll inform the hostel right away.

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