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Man Quits Job To Travel, Checks Bank Balance, Asks For Job Back

It was a standard Monday for Dave as he sat in his office staring aimlessly out the window. He went out both Friday and Saturday and the Monday blues were sinking in. He didn’t know if it was the fact that he’d spent $1,500 up his schnoz over the weekend or the fact that he hated his job.

He was meant to be reaching out to find new clients on linkedin but instead he sat at his desk clicking through youtube videos as was his normal Monday morning ritual.

One minute he was watching puppies and the next he was watching shark attack videos. For whatever reason the youtube algorithm sensed that he needed something else to pick him up today and displayed a Sam Kolder video named hey tim in the sidebar.

After watching the 11 minute video and feeling inspired by Sam’s courage to follow his dreams and adventure the world Dave was filled with adrenaline and the desire to follow in Sam’s path. “If he can do it so can I”, he whispered to himself.

It was at this point that Dave’s thoughts were interrupted by his bosses voice from behind him. “On youtube again are you mate?” Gary asked.

“This is your last warning Dave, I’m sick of telling you, you really need t…”, it was at this moment that Dave cut Gary off, still clearly motivated and empowered by the video he had just watched.

“You know what Gary, why don’t you just go and fuck right off! You’re a bloody dream sucker mate. I’ve worked here for nine years and I’m getting nowhere in my life I’m done with this shit I’m going backpacking!” he screamed.

Gary went to respond but Dave was already on his feet and headed for the door. Gary was speaking to Dave but his words were falling on deaf ears. All Dave was thinking about was where he was going to travel to first – Brazil, Peru? He’d read about a guy who went out in Australia and ended up in Colombia and always thought it sounded like it’d be a blast so maybe he’d go there.

He got to his car and drove straight home, opened his laptop and started researching where he was going to fly to. After reading incredible reviews and looking at a few girls on instagram who were there now he finally decided he wanted to go to Bali. He logged on to skyscanner and went to book the flight but for some reason the booking wouldn’t go through.

Dave logged on to his bank account and the reality finally sunk in. He truly had over cooked it on the weekend. There were multiple ATM withdrawals as well as over 30 transactions for ‘thegentlemansclubltd.’

Once the truth sunk in Dave got in his car and drove back to work ready to face the music and worst of all, Gary.

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