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Man Sits On Overnight Bus For 17 Hours With No Sleep To Save On One Night’s Accommodation

“It’s been a terrible journey and I haven’t been able to sleep the whole time,” said Kyle Smith stating, “but I saved $10 so it’s totally been worth it!” The self proclaimed backpacker has been travelling Peru for 2 weeks on a budget, not spending more than $15 per day.

“There was only 1 toilet in the back for everyone and unfortunately I ate an undercooked guinea pig the night before in Lima.” Needless to say no one dared using the toilet after he was done with it for the rest of the bus ride.

Once he arrived to his hostel in Cusco he ended up just sleeping the entire day in the common room, missing out on the tours he had planned that day. Waking up groggy at midnight to the hostel bar full of drunk backpackers, he ended up joining them for a night out on the town .

“I ended up spending $100 on alcohol that night,” he said in remorse, “but it was definitely worth it as I met all kinds of cool travellers!” He could’ve spent half that on a 2 hour airplane ticket, but like most backpackers he’s incredibly stubborn.

“Only a few more of these horrible journeys before I reach my final destination and return home.”

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