Aussie Sets Record Visiting Every Country in Southeast Asia Using Only A Tuk-Tuk

An Australian man has become the world’s first person to travel to every country in Southeast Asia by using nothing but a tuk-tuk from Thailand. He didn’t drive the popular Asian vehicle by himself, but rather hired a driver. The driver was only paid $5 a day and did all of the work, but apparently was enthusiastic about the whole journey.

The driver happily earning $5 per day.

He first came up with the idea when he hear of someone hitting all the 11 countries by only using nothing but a motorcycle. “Seeing as tuk-tuk is synonymous with Asia, I was surprised to hear that no one has ever attempted this before.”

He quickly gained a following in social media with the handle @tukingnuts as people we’re intrigued and inspired by following his journey.

Getting to Indonesia and island hopping to East Timor and Brunei proved a challenge, he was forced to board a small vishing boat used by the local fisherman with his tuk-tuk.

The boat he used to island hop

After this the journey was of course not complete as he had to get to the Philippines. He worked out that he could board an oil tanker for free and managed to make it at last. The journey only took 6 months due to the speed of the tuk-tuk but it “was the best 6 months of my life!”

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