11 Unforgettable Things to do in Mexico City

Ciudad de Mexico, the largest city in Central America is full of amazing things to do, eat and drink. Some may say it’s overrated with all of the tacos, cathedrals and museums, but we disagree. Here are some amazing things to do in Mexico City that aren’t those boring activities.

1. Drink in the Street

We recommend a hard seltzer, it’s more discreet so cops may not notice.

2. Get Stopped by the Cops for Drinking in the Street

Apparently it’s not allowed here? Once they stop you, you must stay calm, not resist and allow them to rob you of your things. Better than ending up in jail though, right?

3. Try Drinking the Tap Water

You’ll be surprised, it tastes very rusty and natural. They say Mexico City has some of the finest tap water in Mexico.

4. Fall in Love With a Maid or Nanny

I hear they are everywhere in Mexico and looking for a gringo husband. Find one and bring her back to America!

5. Admire the Sepia Colored Sky

Unique only to Mexico, nowhere else in the world has this sort of hue to everything. The buildings, food, trees, streets and yes – even the people are sepia-colored. Will you be sepia colored when you arrive? Only one way to find out.

6. Gorge on Some Delicious Fajitas

If Mexico was a food it would be fajitas. Not invented in Mexico you say? Oh well. Try Burritos then.

7. Wash Down Those Fajitas With a Margarita

If Mexico was a drink it’d be a margarita. Not invented in Mexico you say? Whoops.

This guy doesn’t give a fuck where it was invented.

7. Do Several Shots of Jose Cuervo

Synonymous with Mexico. This is the first thing I’d do after arriving in Mexico City.

Don’t forget the sal y limon

8. Buy Counterfeit Shoes in Tepito

Mexico City’s safest neighbourhood.

Just look at it, very safe and welcoming.

9. Walk Alone After Midnight

Breathe in the fresh Mexico City air and try to see the starry sky at night alone. You’d be surprised who you’ll meet and what you might discover along the way.

10. Rock up to a Date 2 Hours Late

Also known as Mexican Minutes, why be punctual when you can be unfashionably late all of the time?

11. Find this Guy

If you can find him we’ll give you $1 million pesitos.

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