Airbnb Host Confused by Guest’s Desire for Privacy, Insists on Joining Every Meal and Outing

When 28-year-old Sarah Thompson booked her Airbnb stay in a cozy countryside cottage, she anticipated a relaxing, private getaway. Little did she know that her host, 56-year-old Martha Wilkinson, would turn out to be an overly enthusiastic and persistent companion.

Upon arrival, Sarah was warmly greeted by Martha, who immediately invited herself along for a tour of the nearby village. Initially charmed by her host’s friendliness, Sarah didn’t think much of it. However, it soon became apparent that Martha had no intentions of giving her guest any privacy whatsoever.

Throughout her stay, Sarah was unable to shake off Martha, who would insist on joining her for every meal, outing, and activity. From sharing a romantic dinner with Sarah and her partner to tagging along on a hike through the woods, Martha seemed completely oblivious to Sarah’s growing discomfort.

“What really got me was when Martha showed up in her swimsuit at the spa day I had planned with my friends,” said Sarah. “I mean, I know she’s trying to be friendly, but there’s a limit!”

In an attempt to carve out some alone time, Sarah even resorted to sneaking out early in the morning for a solo walk. But, much to her dismay, Martha was always one step ahead, waiting for her return with a freshly brewed cup of tea and an endless stream of questions about her day.

Desperate for a solution, Sarah reached out to Airbnb customer support to voice her concerns. To her surprise, they informed her that the “Ultra-Host Experience” was a new and exclusive feature they were testing, designed to give guests an immersive, local experience.

Feeling defeated and longing for some solitude, Sarah ended her stay early, promising herself that the next time she books an Airbnb, she’ll make sure to confirm the host’s level of involvement.

Meanwhile, Martha remains unfazed by her guest’s early departure, eagerly awaiting her next visitor with a homemade pie and an itinerary packed with group activities. “I just don’t understand why anyone would want to be alone when they’re traveling,” she pondered. “After all, isn’t sharing experiences what life’s all about?”

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