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Airline Introduces ‘Passenger Size Check’ to Ensure They Will Fit on the Plane Before Boarding

In an unprecedented development that’s got globetrotters in a flurry, PeculiarAir has recently launched a measure that’s just as peculiar as their name. Known for their quirkiness, this airline is now ensuring their passengers are, quite literally, a ‘fit’ for their flights. Brace yourselves, because air travel just squeezed into a whole new dimension with the introduction of PeculiarAir’s ‘Fit to Fly’ initiative.

Forget about over-sized luggage woes; it’s time to worry about over-sized… passengers? That’s right, folks. PeculiarAir has now rolled out life-sized airplane seat cut-outs at the boarding gates. As part of their eccentric ‘Fit to Fly’ policy, passengers are required to slide through the cut-out before they’re allowed on board, confirming they’ll comfortably fit into their airplane seats.

“Our passengers’ comfort is paramount,” explained PeculiarAir’s Chief of Quirks and Innovations, standing next to the notorious cut-out. “The ‘Fit to Fly’ policy is merely a method to ensure a snug and comfortable flight for everyone. It’s no different from trying on clothes before buying them – just more… airborne.”

But what if someone doesn’t fit? Well, here’s where the squeeze gets real. Any passenger who doesn’t glide smoothly through the cut-out will face the airline’s policy: no fit, no fly. There’s no upgrading to business class or popping a sweat in the on-ground gym. It’s a simple rule – if you fit, you fly. If not, better luck next time!

The ‘Fit to Fly’ initiative has sent ripples across social media. With videos of passengers doing everything from desperate sucking in of stomachs to impromptu limbo dances to get through the cut-out, the hashtag #FitToFly is lighting up the internet with equal parts disbelief and amusement.

One passenger shared her story of narrowly making it through the cut-out, saying, “I knew those yoga classes would come in handy one day!” On the flip side, a disgruntled yet humorously philosophical man who didn’t quite make the cut quipped, “Looks like it’s time to cancel the gym membership and invest in a private jet instead.”

As other airlines watch this spectacle unfold, one can’t help but wonder if the ‘Fit to Fly’ policy will take off or become a turbulent memory in the annals of aviation history. Either way, one thing is clear: air travel just got a whole lot narrower, thanks to PeculiarAir!

So, the next time you’re flying PeculiarAir, remember: it’s not just about fitting your luggage into the overhead bin anymore. You’ll have to fit too. Happy slim travels!

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