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Airlines Remove Mask Mandate For First Class Passengers Only

This coming Monday all North American airlines will be dropping the mask mandate that has been with us for two years now. But there’s one catch – the new rule only applies to business and first class passengers.

All staff and economy passengers will still have to wear the face masks, regardless if they’ve tested negative for Covid or are vaccinated.

Doug Simmons, who frequently flies first class told us, “It’s about time we got rid of these mask mandates, seeing as Covid is mostly finished and almost everyone is vaccinated it makes no sense. As far as the peasants in economy, let them keep wearing their face diapers. I don’t care much for their germs and filth.”

A spokesperson for the International Air Transport Association (IATA) informed Cooked Nomad, “We felt it was time to drop the mask mandate for our business and first class passengers at least, they deserve it. We suggest that our first class passengers deplane first after landing before the scourge in the back of the plane can disembark and spread their sickness all over the plane, infecting our priority customers.”

A peasant still wearing a mask in economy class.

According to the new rule they are even allowed in the airport without a mask. Critics were quick to slam the lifting of the mandate, “This is unfair treatment, basically classism that favors the wealthy. What makes rich people in business class spread or catch Covid less likely than those in the back?”

So far the IATA has no comment on when the mask mandate will be lifted for staff or economy passengers. We will keep you updated.

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