Aussie Who Attempted To Cross Pacific In Goon Raft Has Been Missing For 3 Weeks

Mark Anders from Queensland has been missing for 3 weeks now after a simple dare from his friends led to his disappearance. He decided to attempt the impossible one day after an all day goon session on the tropical coast after him and his friends came up with the brilliant idea of building a raft out of goon bags.

For those not familiar with Aussie slang, a goon bag is “Cheap wine that comes in a box and leaves the consumer with an extreme headache the next day. Convenient because the remains of the vessel can be inflated for use as a pillow after consumption,” according to Urban Dictionary.

We spoke with Roger, Mark’s best friend on the phone. “We built the raft outta 60 or more goon bags that we had laying around our place serving nobody, so we decided to put them to good use. A simple wooden plank, duct tape and inflatable goon bags did the ol’ trick.”

He admitted that they were completely wasted after an all day sesh on the magical goon and in retrospect when they woke up the next day realized it was an awful idea. Too late for Mark however. By the time the coast guard was called to go search for him, he was already miles out to see, drifting towards the Solomon Islands, according to experts.

It has now been three long weeks and the search has since been called off, as authorities believe he couldn’t survive this long. Is he still adrift? The record for drifting and surviving a journey alone on a raft through the pacific is 14 months by a Salvadoran fisherman. Can Mark beat his record? Only time will tell.

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