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Breaking News: French Backpacker Buys His Own Pack of Cigarettes

In a stunning turn of events, sources report that a French backpacker, known only as Pierre, has defied all expectations and purchased his own pack of cigarettes. This groundbreaking move has left fellow travelers and locals alike in a state of shock and disbelief.

Pierre, a 25-year-old graphic designer from Paris, has been traveling through Southeast Asia for the past six months. Throughout his journey, he has become notorious for his uncanny ability to charm fellow travelers into sharing their cigarettes.

“I’d always see him at hostels, casually striking up conversations,” said one bewildered traveler. “Next thing you know, he’d ask for a cigarette, and people would just give them to him. It was like some sort of sorcery.”

Another traveler added, “He had this disarming smile and an undeniable charisma. You almost felt honored to give him a cigarette.”

However, Pierre’s luck appeared to change when he arrived at a beachside bar in Bali. As he attempted to work his usual magic on a group of Australian backpackers, he was met with an unexpected response: “Mate, get your own!”

Undeterred, Pierre tried his luck with a group of Germans, only to be met with a similar sentiment: “Nein, kaufen Sie Ihre eigenen Zigaretten!” (No, buy your own cigarettes!)

Witnesses report that, faced with the sudden collapse of his cigarette-bumming empire, Pierre entered a nearby convenience store and made the unthinkable purchase: a pack of cigarettes, bought with his own money.

“It was like watching Bigfoot walk into a Starbucks,” said one flabbergasted onlooker. “I couldn’t believe my eyes.”

The impact of Pierre’s actions rippled throughout the backpacker community, with many questioning their long-held beliefs about the sacred art of cigarette mooching.

“It’s the end of an era,” lamented one veteran traveler. “I never thought I’d see the day when a backpacker – let alone a French one – would buy their own cigarettes.”

Despite the initial shock, some backpackers have found inspiration in Pierre’s bold move.

“Maybe it’s time we all re-evaluate our approach to cigarettes and traveling,” said one reflective backpacker. “After all, if Pierre can do it, maybe we can too.”

As Pierre continues his journey with a newfound sense of independence and a fresh pack of smokes, one thing is clear: the backpacker community will never be the same again.

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