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Airline Announces New ‘Extra Economy Class’ Where Passengers Sit on Each Other’s Laps

Airlines just keep taking legroom to new heights – or rather, new lows.

In a groundbreaking move that’s sure to delight budget-conscious travelers and chiropractors everywhere, international airline SkyHigh announced the launch of their latest cost-saving initiative: Extra Economy Class. In this revolutionary new seating arrangement, passengers can look forward to sitting on each other’s laps to maximize space and minimize ticket prices.

SkyHigh’s CEO, Penny Pincher, explained the rationale behind the new class, saying, “We realized that the last vestiges of human dignity were just taking up too much space on our planes. By having passengers sit on each other’s laps, we can cram even more people into the cabin and, more importantly, their wallets.”

The Extra Economy Class experience begins at the gate, where passengers will participate in an icebreaker game called “Find Your Seatmate.” Once paired up, they will embark on a team-building exercise of navigating the aircraft’s narrow aisles while awkwardly maneuvering around other passengers, ultimately settling into a cozy sitting arrangement.

Pincher assures customers that this innovative seating system is perfectly safe, stating, “We’ve conducted extensive research using a pile of stuffed animals and a shoebox, and found no reason for concern. Plus, our passengers will save so much money, they’ll forget any minor discomfort or social awkwardness.”

In-flight amenities in Extra Economy Class include a shared bag of peanuts, a single can of soda with two straws, and a communal screen playing a continuous loop of airline safety videos. To further enhance the experience, passengers are encouraged to engage in light conversation, share life stories, and even explore each other’s personal playlists to pass the time.

To make the most of the new seating arrangement, SkyHigh has implemented a “BYOB” (Bring Your Own Blanket) policy, as passengers are now responsible for providing their seatmates with warmth and comfort. Additionally, passengers will be required to sign a “Lap Buddy Agreement,” which outlines the rules and expectations for this close-quarters travel experience.

Critics argue that the new class may infringe on personal space and privacy, but Pincher remains optimistic. “We see Extra Economy Class as a way to foster human connection and bring people closer together – both literally and figuratively,” she said. “Besides, who wouldn’t want to get to know their seatmate on a whole new level?”

As airlines continue to search for new ways to increase profits and reduce passenger comfort, it seems the sky’s the limit for innovative seating arrangements. And with the introduction of Extra Economy Class, it’s clear that the industry is ready to take the phrase “flying by the seat of your pants” to new heights.

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